Dorper sheep at Knotlow Farm

Knotlow Farm Dorper Sheep

In 2014 we came across the statistics for the Dorper sheep and just had to purchase some – which we duly did! Having farmed a variety of breeds in the past, we couldn’t believe how easy they are to keep. Their behaviour is unlike any other sheep we have ever known. Even at lambing time, the lambs are on their feet and suckling in no time.

Then came the time to find a new unrelated ram. Having seen some South African stock on the Internet, we decided this would be a good way to improve our genetics. It was not possible to import embryos or semen directly however. The next country to have these bloodlines was Australia, and after a few emails and phonecall exchanges a purchase of embryos and semen was made.

Quite a costly experience, but well worth it. We have maintained this breeding programme for 3 years now and can see a real improvement in our flock. We hope that in the future the Dorper will be recognised by others to try either as pure or commercial breed. They are a fast-growing, vigorous, easy-care animal with attitude!