Have you thought about timing your stay at Knotlow Farm to coincide with one of the area’s best local events, Buxton or Bakewell carnival?

Bakewell carnival

Bakewell carnival lights up this historic golden stone market town with colour and celebration on Saturday 7th July, while in Buxton the carnival takes place on Saturday the 14th, after a week of well dressing festivities.

Bakewell carnival is described as the biggest in the north of England, with many thousands of visitors and participants thronging the streets and a huge procession showcasing an explosion of creativity from local businesses and organisations of all kinds.

The carnival procession usually assembles at 1:30pm on Bakewell recreation ground next to the river Wye, and judging takes place before the procession sets off at around 3pm.

Buxton carnival

Buxton carnival procession starts at 2pm and will be led by 2018 the Buxton Well Dressing Queen accompanied by her rosebud and retinue. It will include assorted many floats, carriages, fancy dress characters and the famous Billerettes to entertain the crowds. Buxton is a town with a lot of quarrying and mining history, and present day operations are often reflected in the number of fancy new trucks, used daily for hauling stone, powder or cement, that take part in the procession. The parade will complete a tour of the town before finishing at around 4.00pm in the Quadrant.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. With the backdrop of the Victorian splendour of the famous Buxton Pavilion Gardens, the festivities continue with marching bands, a children’s fun fair and more performances from the Billerettes. And everything hots up again at 4:15 with the arrival of rose queens from the surrounding villages and the hilarity of the annual Buxton Lions Duck Race, held on the river Wye.

Why not make Buxton or Bakewell carnival part of your summer holiday at Knotlow Farm this year – you won’t be disappointed!